“If you could get all the people in the an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time.”

Patrick Lencioni

I run Facilitation workshops on my own and through www.adaptaa.co.uk

I feel passionate about helping high achieving individuals to work together as an effective team.

Patrick Lencioni’s five disfunctions of the team:

TPA (Team Performance Accelerator) Model workshop

(pre workshop: A short on-line questionnaire captures your team members’ views on where the team climate is currently and where it needs to be to fully achieve your goals.)

  • The climate in which a team operates significantly influences its performance.
  • Within organisations the climate stems from the behaviour of those in authority.
  • High performance climates are created by leaders, not by accident.
  • It is this climate that ultimately restricts performance or unlocks potential and delivers results.

The five dimension of team performance



The team’s morale and self belief, its resilience and discipline.


The impact of management style on accountability, trust, recognition and drive for results.



The clarity of the team’s goals, direction and focus.


The clarity of individual contributions and the effectiveness of leadership.



The effectiveness of performance management, decision taking, communication and planning.

“If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self”

Napoleon Hill

A-Mazing Leaders Programme

On Saturday, 20 June 2020, our ADAPTAA team (myself,  Alina Addison , Carmen BalacianuKoralia Kubowicz) embarked on the journey with a group of A-mazing Leaders from different walks of life! A-mazing human beings with open minds, big hearts, and an infinite mindset. A mindset of learning and sharing. A mindset of curiosity, commitment, and courage.

I could really feel a magic in creation when a group of reflective courageous people committed to vulnerability and accessing their heart and gut!

I got to admit: I was a bit nervous as this programme did not exist three weeks ago … and it is the first mutual creation for four us. Excitement of our Vision becoming a reality and new beginnings soon took over!

This is the feeling which I am striving for: getting to the edge of the comfort zone..

I challenged myself to listening with a beginner mindset even to familiar ideas.. the fascinating thing is when we listen with a beginner mindset for a new insight in a familiar idea and not for an agreement, we start seeing new angles.. it truly opens one’s perspective.. so, I was really grateful when I felt a new perspective for me in Alina’s mentioning that coaching can only happen with permission.. I realised how I sometimes break that rule …. onwards and upwards !

Meet Our A-list Team

Alina Addison

Alina Addison

Tatiana Poliakova

Tatiana Poliakova

Carmen Balacianu

Carmen Balacianu

Kora Kubowicz

Kora Kubowicz

As Alina Addison CFO, our Chief Founding Officer said in her LinkedIn article,  the team will make things happen for you. TAtiana CEO, our Chief Expression Officer, will tell you as it is, even when you don’t want to hear it. CArmen CHO, our Chief Happiness Officer, will accompany you on the path to happiness, by connecting you with your heart. And KorA CMO, our Chief Media Officer, will be promoting our A-list community to create a massive ROI (Ripple of Impact). And we are acknowledging and crediting our dear friend Dr Amina Aitsi-Selmi, for coining this term!

Leaderships starts from within. As a leader, the first person you need to lead is you. And as a leader, the person you should try to change first is also you.

Inspired by Sigmund Freud and our own deep work with Rich Litvin, the master coach of community creation, we created the A-list Community. Rich told us that Freud’s Wednesday Night Club was a group of fellow psychoanalysts that gathered together every week. At the end of his life, the members credited Freud’s group with the best professional development they’d ever received. We will credit Rich, for our inspiration.

Our inaugural A-list programme which started on Saturday 20 June 2020 gathered together a diverse group of highly Accomplished professionals and entrepreneurs who will be shaping the leadership of tomorrow, through their Actions today. People we called A-list leaders. Leaders ready to share, give and take and inspire each other during a 9 week journey and beyond. Exploring all the A-list themes of: Acknowledgement, Acceptance, Attention, Authenticity, Awareness, Audacity, Attachment, Aspiration and Action.

Our vision is to co-create a 222 Leadership Movement, bringing together 222 of these A-mazing human beings by 2022. Leaders hand picked by us and our A-list community of co-creators.

Our purpose is to start leading differently, deeply connected with our mind, listening to our heart and trusting our gut. We want to role model this to everyone we come in contact with and maximize our ROI – Ripple of Impact. Just like the pebble drops into the water and creates ripples, our actions will be reaching far. Our biggest competitor will only ever be our own fear of change.

As executive coaches, we are measured by our ability to see something that everyone else is seeing, and notice something different. And our ultimate success is spending time with our clients and making positive changes to their future. Creating a massive Ripple of Impact for them and implicitly for their small and big communities.

Stephen Curry, the highly acclaimed professional basketball player has been credited with saying: “Amateurs compete. Professionals create”.

We are standing for co-creating a future that does not yet exist. A future we may not yet be prepared for, but for which we are ready! And today we have thrown the first pebble into the water and started this journey with 20 A-mazing leaders, with courage, excitement and joy!

What are you ready for, yet not feeling prepared for?

ADA, 20 June 2020

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