You are intelligent and hard working

You aspire to create change

You relate to people and build networks

You are a high achiever

And Yet…

Your drive and perseverance often exhaust you and people around you

You are scared of losing what you’ve worked so hard for

Your success seems to be holding you back from creating something bigger

You feel you might have been successful by fluke and sometimes you doubt your ability to recreate it

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High Achievers


Prolific Networkers


I help people like you unlock your inner genius

What I do is what I believe. I believe that many top performers push so much to achieve success that they make it into a struggle and as a result, it keeps them from their dreams and joy in life. Their success is often admired by many but it feels like a fluke to them. That stops them from moving out of their comfort zone to reach what they are capable of as they have fear of losing what they have achieved so far. I help those people to become aware of how they created their successes, to face their fears and to discover courage and strategy to change beliefs, thoughts and behavior which does not serve them to reach their dreams and have more joy.

I help them discover that success, monetary stability, joy and mission are not mutually exclusive and can be combined. Together we develop a strategy to create those in their life

Emotional Intelligence and Personal Development

I’ve been contemplating whether to post this video or to re-record as I am not completely happy with lighting and how I look in the video.. however, the message is so important to me to share with all of you and in spirit of...

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“the struggle with self-doubt, self-sabotage, procrastination, fear, failure and overwhelm is part of our journey…”

“…success simply brings higher quality problems.”

Steven Pressfield

My Values







About Tatiana Poliakova

I spent over 20 years in intense working environments striving to achieve goals of the organizations I worked for and  making them my own. I was driven and successful, excited and often passionate about my work. I had a pleasure and privilege to work with highly intelligent successful and diverse individuals… and yet in the last three years of my career I felt that something was missing and I was moving away from reaching my potential. I felt stuck and despite all external success, unhappy.

I went on the journey of discovering that sometimes what made us successful so far is what holding us back  from growing further.

Now I help my clients to reach their “impossible” goals by working with them to leverage their inherent strengths, making them aware of  their emotions, beliefs and thoughts that lead to those emotions. In a safe space my clients become aware of  their habits and behaviours which might be now holding them back and which are still serving them on their journey to reaching their potential.

          ”If you stay in your comfort zone, you will never find out what you are capable of…”

Tatiana P

What my clients say about me

Inessa, GS Programme Lead, Finastra

Sessions with Tatiana extend my thinking and empower me to explore my strengths. I feel ready for the challenges ahead of me, and for the changes I am trying to embrace. She helps me opening my outlook on what is possible to achieve, supporting me in developing self reflection and bringing me closer to achieving my dreams – both in my professional and personal life. Time spent with Tatiana is very precious.

Inessa, GS Programme Lead, Finastra

Courtney, Founder of an International Consulting Business

I’ve known Tatiana for nearly two decades as a leader in consulting and banking. I was incredibly excited to learn about her coaching practice, and immediately took advantage of the opportunity to have coaching conversations with her. Tatiana’s masterful guidance has been an inspiration.

She has helped me rediscover my own power and agility and apply them to actions I take in my business. I am passionate about what I do, but this is not enough. I am great at setting goals, but this is not enough. I am an expert who is well respected in my field, but this is not enough. With Tatiana’s help I have been able to shift my priorities and day-by-day begin to focus on strategic prioritizes what will propel my business into the future I imagine for it—the one I know now is achievable. 

Courtney, Founder of an International Consulting Business

Jules, Sarka, Start Up Entrepreneur

Session with Tatiana helped me to have courage to stick to my decision which has been inherent to my inspirational goal. Our conversation had a tangible effect on my progress. Tatiana is exceptional at helping me to take a pragmatic approach to my issues and seeing opportunities in front of me.

Jules, Sarka, Start Up Entrepreneur

…It comes down to the meaning we choose to give the events and circumstances we find ourselves in. It comes down to what we believe this one, precious life is all about…” 

Marie Forleo

While sitting on the lift above one of the toughest slopes in the Alps and seeing my kids expertly skiing down, I had two ways of looking at it: either getting overwhelmed by fear or being proud… I choose the later.. Not always easy…