About Me

 After a 20 plus years career in investment banking and trading floor, I decided to step out. In my last couple years in banking I have become  quite disillusioned, and really interested in psychology and human behaviour: I had a full example evolving right in front of me with traders and sales fighting for that bit of bate which significantly diminished by tightening in European regulations and political uncertainty.

I decided to start a new journey…

My Personality

I'm ENTP on Myers Briggs.

If you’ve come across the Myers Briggs personality profiling, you may know what type you’re classed as. I’m ENTP (Extraverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Perceiving). What does this mean? It means “ENTP personalities possess remarkable insight into the attitudes of others, and their enthusiasm and energy can mobilise people to support their vision”


After getting a professional certificate in executive coaching and human behaviour from Henley Business school  and much of  sometimes quite painful self-reflection, I now work with teams of high achievers to help them become less dysfunctional and benefit from being a team rather than a bunch of strong egos pulling in different directions, and consult high achievers on how to manage and shift their thinking to achieve the outcomes they strive for while stopping just surviving and starting enjoying life and their journeys!

And I love my new journey, particularly love working with high impact people who are value driven rather than greed and who would like the planet to become a better place!

Business Expertise and Education

My expertise has been developed throughout a long career in leadership positions in Investment Banking and Management Consulting across Europe and the US, where I worked with diverse groups of individuals in intense environments.  Having observed, experienced and supported individual development through periods of great change, turmoil and uncertainty, I was inspired to further understand not only what drives people to succeed but how to combine professional success and drive with personal coherence and wellbeing.  Before training as an Executive Coach, I worked as a Managing Director and Head of Loan Sales at Nomura for the last 10 years, and for the previous 15 years, I was an Investment Banker with BNP Paribas, JP Morgan, and Dresdner in London, New York and Frankfurt and also a Strategic Management Consultant with Booz Allen & Hamilton in New York and London. I hold an MBA from Columbia Business School in NYC and Master in International Economic Relations from the State Finance Academy in Russia.

I am also a Trustee of the SmileTrain UK board, a charity which provides free cleft surgery and comprehensive care to children in need around the world. I am passionate about diversity in the workplace, and have been one of the early members of Women in Nomura Network.

Personal Information

I struggle and strive, I learn and grow, I stumble and take a step back..  and then get up and keep going. In the last couple years, I’ve learned to pause and enjoy the journey and the present moment.. It does not happen always.. . I accept as everyone I have a “tricky” brain…and my inner critique, “roommate” as I like to call that nagging voice, can be very strict..

Often, I am asked whether my coaching journey changed my relationship with my two daughters…They probably would give you another response..  My journey  has given me a different perspective.  I am starting to accept that the best gift I can give them is to believe that they have what it takes to handle their own challenges, to accept their feelings and emotions, and to have the belief that God and universe will take care of them…


Coaching Qualifications

I love learning and developing so getting right qualifications and training is very important for me, as well understanding the neuroscience and psychological science research to support my work.

I obtained a Professional Certificate in Coaching at Henley Business School which is accredited with EMCC, ICF and ACF. I also gained a team coaching accreditation from Insightful Edge to facilitate team coaching using the Team Performance Accelerator model. I am supervised in my work by Damion Wonfor through his supervision groups at Catalyst 14. I am a member of Project Kairos Coaching program for Extraordinary Coaches with Rich Litvin.

I also hold a SDS Accreditation in Certificate in Third Wave CBT Level 1 (Foundation in Compassion Focussed Therapy). 

Compassion Focused approach really resonated with me so I base my workshops and individual coaching practice on Compassion Focussed Approach (Balanced Minds) by dealing with inner critique, accepting different versions of ourselves and developing courage to move towards our own fears.

Last year my family and I learnt to sail in the Atlantic…

I’ve been reflecting on my experience and feel that getting what you want in life is sometimes very akin to sailing. I needed to learn the skills of how to use all the equipment on the boat, to check the weather forecast and have the right team around me. Similar to a work situation having right skills and a team which collaborates and supports each other is essential…

Yet, even if you are prepared, with all the skills and a good team, you can be at sea heading into an unexpected storm. If you try to go against the wind, you are unlikely to reach your destination. I feel there is a real gift in learning to go with the flow. Have a vision of your destination in mind and the plan of how to get there. Be prepared to accept any changes the universe throws at you and adjust your plan. 

Trust your inner wisdom, knowledge and abilities to get there.  In my experience, it’s those who adapt to changes in the environment, have resilience to combine intuition with knowledge and actions, who will eventually reach their destination. It’s this that differentiates you from everyone else. 

Do you have the vision of your destination, right skills to get there and inner wisdom to guide you through challenges life might throw at you?