My client today said “I want to know what is going to happen”.

I asked her: What happens when you believe that thought?

She felt tense and exhausted.

Trying to control what someone else is going to do or not do, or how future events may unfold, can create a lot of tension inside us. It changes what we are seeing.

Turning that thought around to “I do not want to know what is going to happen”, made her feel lighter. That thought also felt truer to her.  She felt into how boring life could become if she knew exactly every outcome.

She realised she’d have more energy to focus on her busy agenda while accepting the reality of unknown outcomes.

When we spent our energy on reacting to someone else’s actions which are not in line with our expectations or reality, we drain our self of valuable energy.

Imagine if you focused all the energy you sometimes spent on judging others or events onto what is important for you and what next step you’ll take while accepting the uncertainty of an outcome, how much lighter and more energetic will you feel?