Yesterday Alina Addison lead a wonderful session on #Audacity for our A-List community, she challenged us on taking small steps of courage every day and where we are already audacious in our lives.
That reminded me of a conversation with a client who was in resistance to collecting No’s. “I am all about manifesting Yes’s and creating abundance… is it not what we were working on?”, she asked.
I challenged her.

If she is only getting Yes’s.. is she staying in her comfort zone? Yes, she said it is easy for me.. I asked her whether she is dreaming big enough?
When we are inside our comfort zone, we continue on the path of our default life. At some point discomfort in the comfort will appear. Our dreams and potential only gets fulfilled when we get to the edge of our comfort zone, that moment when we are excited and slightly scared.. this is where the high performance and our dreams live. This is different from panic zone.. where we are completely out of our depth and cortisol is taking over.

What if we allowed ourselves to dream about a goal which feels impossible right now, start taking small steps of courage on the way to that dream and audaciously collect No’s on the way.

Are you collecting No’s? What is your Impossible Goal?