Last week our wonderful Carmen Balacianu run a session on #Awareness for our Alist leaders. What we notice about others reveals something about ourselves. We admire something in others, because it is within us. Our triggers are our best teachers: what irritates us in others, often is in ourselves, we might be in denial of admitting it. Or sometimes, we get irritated by something in others, because we don’t want to give ourselves permission to develop that feature in ourselves.. One of our leaders shared with me that she often is irritated by “people not caring enough at work “: You see, she is the one who’d stay after hours to complete a task even if something can be done tomorrow and gets irritated when others don’t do the same.

We explored whether this trigger is about her not giving herself permission sometimes “to care less” and “leave a task until tomorrow”? .. it resonated. This amazing leader is someone who often shows up as a Wonder Woman superhero.
When we played with names of our future selves, our Wonder Woman, left that name on her Zoom account by mistake. When she went to her next work meeting, she wasn’t allowed to join until she changed her name. Maybe it is because WonderWoman needs to rest? What are your #triggers telling you about yourself? #leadership