Dear friends, this is my first video message I wanted to share with you. I feel edgy but the subject is so important to me .. it is about gratitude.. and two sides even of that wonderful feeling .. I have been practising gratitude and encourage my friends, my daughters and clients to .. however, sometimes gratitude can hold me back .. I have reflected on it for a while and I feel strongly to share those two sides of gratitude with you. Sending you all lots of love ❤️ With gratitude to Alina Addison Carmen Balacianu Koralia Kubowicz Garrison Cohen Rohini Rathour Marina le Clere Jane Shiels Evelyne Brink who helped me develop my thoughts and find the courage to speak up 🙏 Special thanks and gratitude to Garrison Cohen for your guidance and encouragement 🙏 I learned a lot! #gratitude #fear #truepotential