So, it only took me a week to find Audacious Courage to write on LinkedIn about the session I held last week for our A-Mazing Leaders.. Maybe I need to ask my future self, Wisdom Queen, how would she approach such challenges? And whether she learned to tolerate a team of my inner critiques (‘Lodgers” as I like to call them) who make appearance as a Russian general and a perfectly groomed elderly lady…

Ever since I attended a session by brilliant David Taylor-Klaus (aka Indigo Sage) back in May and had a chance to meet a version of my future self, I added to my toolbox a great technique which I apply in decision making, and love sharing with my clients. So, I was very excited to practice it with our wonderful group of A-Mazing Leaders, and what a rewarding experience! I had so much to learn from Boule d’Energie, Johnny, Fighter, the Queen, Living in the Present, Sunny, Saviour, Powerful Smile, Approachable, Yoga Lady Wise Healer, Beautiful Soul and Brave Kora! Your wonderful feedback warmed my heart.

You see it is much easier to see the beauty and power in others than noticing it in ourselves. But the truth is what we admire in others, we only are able to see because it is present in ourselves. How about we give ourselves permission to accept the version of ourselves we aspire to be?

That version of us is always present but it often gets silenced by a judgemental Inner Critique (who is by the way there to protect us both from real risks and imaginary ones). We all know our present gets impacted by our past experiences, what many forget and science confirms to be true that our present gets impacted by what we think about our future and our future selves. The thoughts and emotions which emerge when we truly connect with our future self, work on our unconscious mind, lead to actions which create our future.

Play with that wonderful lens of perspective, notice where your future self is showing up already, be grateful for those moments, start thinking, feeling and acting by embodying that version. As Approachable suggested last Saturday try it with your partner, and see the magic evolving in your life. We all need a bit of Abra-cadabra (translation from Arabic: I will create as I will speak)!

You see your Vision is the place to come from, not to get to. When you connect with your future self, you start planning backwards and creating a clear and resonant picture of what that future state is. When you stand in that place and look back at where you are now, it is a lot easier to start planning to move forward. As Carl Jung said: “We do not see the world as it is, we see it as we are”. Start seeing the world from the place of your Future Self in the the middle of your Dream.