Not long ago I attended a transformational intensive of Rich Litvin. For the first time, I facilitated sessions for a group of over 20 top coaches from all over the world.
I was not ready.. and I was not confident. Then as Rich would say confidence lives in the past, it develops after we did something. To move forward, we don’t need confidence, we need #courage to take a next step. We need to set an intention and move from performance orientation (how am I perceived) to what I’d like to create. #Confidence comes as a result. I experienced it during those nine days, as I grew in confidence.

The hardest thing was to let go of creating “perfect” experience for the group or proving myself. Voicing that “elephant in the room” at the beginning: that it was my first time to facilitate sessions for a group of coaches and I felt nervous, relaxed me and helped me accept my imperfections. It connected me with people in the group. Sharing #vulnerability not from the position “you are better than me and I seek your approval”, but from the position “I am a fellow human being doing things that are new to me and I am on the journey of learning “(I believe it works in any environment not just coaching.. try it!)
Thank you David Taylor-Klaus (“DTK”) PCC, CPCC, CTPC for co-facilitating