Tune in for a Controversial Conversation with a fabulous Ellie Lane. Ellie is an experienced therapist, fabulous coach who helps people stop the negative self-talk and recognise their greatest strengths.

In our conversation we spoke about what behaviour are we modelling for our children? Who are we being and how it shapes them? There is a difference between what we do and what we say and how we are being in the process.. I notice I can tell my kids how important is self-care, but then if I define myself by how busy I am and what I accomplished on my to-do list, this is what they’ll see and this is how they will be.. I ask my clients “how’d you feel if your children in 30 years times will feel how you feel today?”

We talked about the paradox of striving and achievement vs being and slowing down. Fascinating discussion about “What does Selfish mean?” Ellie brings a great distinction of “Self-full”. Turn in to find out more…


June 2020