Tune in for a Controversial Conversation with wonderful Tamara Von Dohren. We spoke about #Empathy.

As Brene Brown puts it: “Empathy fuels connection”. Tamara shares how she practices empathy in her interactions, even situations when she might be in complete disagreement with another person by searching for a connection. “How are me and another person similar?”, searching for an intention behind another person’s action or words. Tamara shares an insight from a top CIA agent: “Everyone believes they are the good guy”… To get to that place of understanding where such belief might be coming from without necessarily accepting it.

Steven J. Covey said “We judge ourselves by our intention and we judge others by their behaviour”, and it really resonates with me.

Tamara highlights that the opposite of Empathy is distance. The paradox is that to find connection with others, we often need to take distance from our own ego and from being triggered. .. and yet, we only can do it, if we are able to practice Self – Empathy. We only can truly relate to others who are different from us when we can accept different versions of ourselves.

June 2020