Following on the video about gratitude I posted several weeks ago, please tune in for a Controversial Conversation with wonderful and insightful Rohini Rathour. Ro and I met just before lockdown during the International Women’s Day event at Splunk, and we just clicked. I am really grateful to have met Ro and experience her wisdom (thank you Splunk, Helen Sutton and Kay Mukherjee, for making that connection possible). What are both sides of gratitude, and how can you use it as a springboard rather than something that holds you back? Where is it confused with guilt or scarcity of loosing what we accumulated? How to access this deep sense of gratitude for yourself to move forward to create more wonderful things in your life and lives of others? Ro shares how to use gratitude as something that does not dim our light but lets it spread out. She brings in beautiful analogy from our childhoods. You can find Ro at Enjoy, and have a great day! #gratitude #abundance #growthanddevelopment