Yesterday I had one of those days .. it started with a comment from a dear friend that hit really deep .. and continued with events that were hitting exactly on the point of the first trigger almost as a reminder for a message to be received.. that cascade of triggers was clearly there to teach me a lesson I was resisting to learn.

And yet the day finished on a high with an amazing acknowledgment from a participant in our A-List programme on the session on #Authenticity I facilitated. At the end of the day, I reflected “How did I get through today?”

– I took time to disappear in #nature and let tears roll down my face while I was soaking in the beauty of the wonderful autumn forest around me. I truly sunk into my emotions and let myself feel all the feelings while being held by the restorative nature

– I reached out for support of our wonderful team Adaptaa and a coach

– I focused on the next item in my diary and let Action do rest of the healing

– I allowed emotional rollercoaster in-between my appointments while always taking time to ground myself/ listen to music and actually just jump and dance in a sound of my favourite song

My biggest support during that day was #vulnerability.. admitting to myself that I am having a tough day… and then sharing my vulnerability even at a beginning of an important work call. That “elephant in the room” had to be named. I learned it from my own coach and mentor Rich Litvin .. Vulnerability really connects us .. show me a person who has never had a rough day??

Sharing vulnerability does not mean to put yourself in a position of a victim or asking to be saved.. it is about showing our human side..Having support network around you, that crucial link to connection with other humans can truly cure us as well as taking time to identify and ask for what you need in the moment without demanding that support. I wrote down four words at the end of my day:

– Attention (to self and recognising one’s feelings)

– Connection to self (through self-empathy) and another (asking for support, and showing vulnerability)

– Intention (what am I trying to achieve)

– Action (focusing on one step at a time)

When I looked at those four words.. I realised it was one of the models I shared with our participants in a session on #Authenticity. In the end, yesterday was a wonderful practice day !