I am grateful to the A-mazing leaders who completed our inaugural programme today and are embarking on the journey in our community of A-mazing leaders, and to our team at ADAPTAA (Alina Addison, Carmen Balacianu and Koralia Kubowicz). The time has flown and I’ve grown together with all of you. I endeavour to show up in my life detached from external comparisons but accepting the setbacks and imperfections which are part of the journey. When we already show up today as a person in our dreams, the aspiration takes on a different meaning. It is not about “what I need to do to be an inspirational leader?”, it is more “how does an inspirational leader show up? How she impacts and relates to others?” It becomes about #abundance of our mutual growth and commonality of our human experiences, rather than scarcity of “me versus them” comparison, or “not-enoughness” pandemic! And that can’t be achieved without #selfawareness, #attention to self and others; #compassion and #empathy to self and others, #audacity and #courage to express our #authenticself. Please note that the journey starts with self! As one of our Amazing leaders said: “If you want to change the world outside, start with self”. If you are intrigued to find out more, please reach out to one of us @ ADAPTAA.