During our last A-Mazing Leaders’ time (Alina AddisonCarmen BalacianuKoralia Kubowicz), we spoke about #Acceptance of ourselves and #Selfcompassion. A journey to our dreams lies through accepting different versions of Self.

Our background, genetic make-up and stories shape who we are today. How we perceive ourselves, and events in our life, determine where we are heading.

So often our behaviour is driven by external recognition and pursuit of external rewards #DriveSystem), and fear of loosing what we have and external threats which naturally ignite our protective system of Fight, Flight, or Freeze reactions #ThreatSystem). We forget that we have an ability to develop feeling of Safeness inside ourselves #SoothingSystem) (CFT research by Prof Paul Gilbert and Dr Chris Irons. In times like today when our fears are amplified, it is even more important to focus on developing the Soothing system which brings feelings of being safe and content.

I’ve been reflecting on how much my feeling of being safe depends on achieving something .. Once I go on holiday, everything will be great.. Once I finish the first chapter of my book, I will be pleased with myself. What about practising being safe and satisfied with oneself ahead of gaining reward and going into action from that place?

July 2020