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On October 3,  I was interviewed by the Times Radio on the subject of McKinsey survey findings  that as a result of the COVID-19 crisis many women are considering leaving the workforce. No doubt, many women take on the majority of the household and childhood duties.
This is a recurring, not a new problem. COVID-19 crisis amplified the challenges in the system. It is the first time in many generations when motherhood took on quite labour intensive approach at the same time as women made significant progress in their careers. Many working women put themselves under pressure to be “perfect mothers”.I know from experience and from my work supporting women leaders, that often we feel guilty at work and guilty at home. With boundaries between work and home gone, the load’s become unsustainable for many.
Often, we do not recognise and if we do sacrifice our self-interests to please children, families and managers, which eventually results in resentment and burnout. The only way out, is to “put oxygen mask” on ourselves first, practice straightforwardness to make clear agreements with our partners, children and managers, and give up any illusion of perfection.
thank you Rosemary Laryea for putting together this interview!